Workplace Mental Resilience Training

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Staff Training For Improved Mental Resilience

We all know that employees perform less effectively when they are stressed, anxious, exhausted, overwhelmed or burnt out.

That’s no surprise.

But what is your organisation doing to help your employees reduce the risk of mental illness by improving their mental resilience?

Our Workplace Mental Resilience Training course has been specifically designed to help your staff understand about their mental resilience, what might impact their mental resilience and mental health, and techniques they can use to improve their mental resilience.

Organisations whose staff are more mentally resilient can benefit from:

  • Reduced abscence, with few staff taking sick leave.
  • Improved performance, as staff are able to think more clearly and have more energy.
  • Reduce staff turnover, as staff who enjoy their employment are less likely to leave for fields with greener grass.

Workplace Mental Resilience Training Content

Our standard 1 hour staff resilience training content includes:

  • What is mental resilience?
  • How is mental resilience different to mental strength?
  • Why does mental resilience matter?
  • How does your environment impact mental resilience?
  • How does your mental landscape impact mental resilience?
  • How does your preceptions impact mental resilience?
  • How can mental resilience by improved?
  • What to do if mental resilience becomes overwhelmed?

Workplace Mental Resilience Training Approach

Delivering the right message matters.

Before delivering Workplace Mental Resilience Training, we always work with the organisation to incorporate their key messages and tools.

The training itself is designed to be highly interative, engaging attendees with a range of learning styles to help everyone learn core content.

The training includes practical hints, tips and tools, that can be easily used by staff in the future to help increase their mental resilience in the workplace and at home.

After training, we provide anonymised feedback, relating to any concerns or matters that were raised, and which may benefit from further attention.

Workplace Mental Resilience Training Presenter

We select and prepare our trainers carefully, to support active learning.

All our trainers have:

  • A background, qualifications and experience in mental health.
  • Experience in training and public speaking.
  • Experience in corporate environments

Book your staff on mental resilience training

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