What is a workplace mental health risk assessment?

A workplace mental health risk assessment assesses the risk of mental health issues to the organisation and associated people.

How to create a Workplace Mental Health Risk Assessment

Workplace Mental Health Risk Assessments typical include information about:

  1. What is the risk? This is often phrased in the form of:
    • Risk of…
    • Due to…
    • Caused by…
  2. The inherent risk scores, before controls are applied, including:
    • The likelihood
    • The impact
    • The overall risk rating
  3. Controls that the organisation is applying to mitigate that risk.
  4. The residual risk score.
  5. Organisational decision around whether the risk is accepted.
  6. Further actions planned.

To find out more about Mental Health Risk Assessments, contact our advisory team or join our training sessions.

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