What does MHFA ALGEE stand for?

ALGEE is a tool provided by MHFA England.

But what do those acronyms stand for?

Let’s find out!

What does MHFA stand for?

We’ll start with the easier acronym.

MHFA stands for Mental Health First Aid.

MHFA is a popular training, that helps people designated as Mental Health First Aiders in the workplace to identify and signpost colleagues who are showing signs of mental health issues or mental illness.

Mental Health First Aiders are only one small part of an organisation’s Mental Health and Safety strategy and the associated legal obligations, in the same way as physical first aiders and fire marshals are only one small part of the physical health and safety strategy. It’s always better to prevent fires from happening, than to have to deal with an emergency. Read more in Is MHFA Enough?

What does ALGEE stand for?

One interesting component of the MHFA model is the ALGEE approach to speaking with people.

ALGEE stands for Assess Listen Give Encourage Encourage.

But what on earth does ALGEE mean with Assess Listen Give Encourage Encourage?

  • A – Assess for risk of suicide or harm
  • L – Listen non judgementally
  • G – Give re-assurance and information
  • E – Encourage appropriate professional help
  • E – Encourage self help and other support strategy

MHFA England uses the ALGEE model to help Mental Health First Aiders speak with colleagues who may be suffering from mental health issues or mental illhealth.

MHFA Training with ManagingMentalHealth.org

At Managing Mental Health, MHFA training is just one component of the mental health framework and training.

Our MHFA training is only 5 hours, making it more accessible, so that it is easier, cheaper and quicker for managers (who are best positioned to identify and signpost mental health issues) to learn the skills they need to look after their teams.

Find out more about mental health workplace training here.

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