Types of mental health labels

Mental health labels are a strange thing, because they group similar symptoms even though the causes can be completely different.

Two people, with the same label, may be struggling with totally different things.

So what are common mental health labels?

Mental poor health labels include:

  1. Anxious.
  2. Depressed.
  3. Angry.
  4. ADHD.
  5. Autism.
  6. Psychotic.
  7. Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc)
  8. Self harm.
  9. Suicidal ideation.

Mental good health labels include:

  1. Confident.
  2. Happy.
  3. Fulfilled.
  4. Relaxed.
  5. Entertained.
  6. Energised.
  7. Motivated.

Did you notice how the mental poor health labels all sound so much more medical?

Mental health is a continuum, and is constantly changing. Just like our physical health.

If you find the right exersize, mental health can continually improve for you.

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