Top 12 signs of Stress at Work and Workplace Burnout

Stress at work and workplace burnout can have a significant impact on an employee’s productivity, performance, wellbeing and life.

The underlying issue may also trigger symptoms such as anxiety, anger, depression, overwhelm, insomnia and fatigue.

George Bell has proposed 12 signs that an employee can consider, in relation to stress and burnout.

Some of the stages may seem familiar?

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Top 12 Signs – Workplace Stress and Burnout

1) You feel there is a strong need to provide yourself.

2) You keep working harder and harder to achieve this.

3) You begin to neglect your own needs more.

4) You are conflicted and blame others or the situation.

5) You change your values to focus on work more.

6) You deny that the problem arises due to work stress.

7) You withdraw from social life and your family as well.

8) Your behaviour changes which upsets your loved ones.

9) Depersonalisation happens. You don’t feel like yourself.

10) You feel empty and numb. Substance abuse may occur.

11) You feel depressed, lost and completely exhausted.

12) You mentally and physicall collapse with full burnout.

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