Paddy Pimblett MMA fighter on Suicide: Talk more. Get Help.

Paddy Pimblet Suicide video MMA interview

People have tweeted about how a few simple words from Paddy Pimblett have prevented them from taking their own lives.

Suicide Paddy Pimblett MMA Video

Paddy Pimblett, a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter had recently lost a friend to suicide.

In a press conference Paddy highlighted the problem, that he’s seeing an increase in people taking steps toward suicide, and that “men just need to talk more”.

We believe suicide is the worst choice. A permanent solution to a temporary problem. Things will get better.

Talking about negative thoughts or feelings can be important, to help people start to deal with suicidal thoughts or other mental health issues.

But if this risk is to be taken seriously, you may need more than a chat with mates. It may needs appropriate professional help. This stuff is serious.

We know that appropriate professional help for mental health issues can be hard to find. It should be a lot more than just being medicated. It should be a lot more than what the NHS currently provides. It needs the right kind of counselling, and there are hundreds of different types of counselling out there. There are many alternatives to CBT or talking therapy. Professional mental health services are out there, and can help people who are struggling.

Yes, if you are struggling, talk to someone. But also get professional help.

If someone talks to you about their mental health issues, “cheer up mate” may not be enough. You can help them by signposting them to professional services.UFC

MMA Paddy Pimblett Fighter Video – Please Speak To Someone

UFC Video – Suicide Paddy Pimblett Press Conference

Sky Sports Interview – Paddy Pimblett on Suicide

Paddy Pimblett did a follow up interview with Sky Sports.

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