ACE Mental Health First Aid Training Course

Have you and your managers achieved the ACE Mental Health First Aid certificate yet?

With ACE Mental Health First Aid Training, you can help your colleagues get the help they need.

Mental Health First Aiders learn how to identify the signs of mental illness, learn how to speak with that colleague, and learn how to get them help.

Using the ACE intervention, Mental Health First Aid training only takes 4 hours, via Zoom or face-to-face workshops, and is CPD certified.

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Mental Health First Aid Training Course

What is Mental Health First Aid for Health and Safety?

Just like Physical First Aid, Mental Health First Aid helps colleagues who find themselves in an urgent health and safety situation.

The UK Health and Safety Executive have highlighted that Mental Health and Safety is just as important, and often impacts organisations more, than Physical Health and Safety.

UK Health and Safety legislation requires organisations to assess health and safety risks, and to provide appropriate policies, controls and training to mitigate those risks.

Mental Health First Aid is an important consideration for your organisation’s mental wellbeing strategy, as a tertiary control that helps to deal with mental illness situations.

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What is the ACE intervention for Mental Health First Aid?

The ACE Mental Health First Aid model is a powerful, evidence based approach for helping to identify people with mental health difficulties and to support them.

The ACE model was first developed in collaboration with the US Department of Defence, to address high levels of suicide in the army. It has helped them.

The ACE model can help people with suicidal ideation, but it also easily scales to other mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, OCD and more.

We choose the ACE model because it is:

+ Quick to learn.

+ Easy to learn.

+ Easy to remember.

+ Highly effective.

There are many roles in the organisation that can benefit from ACE Mental Health First Aid training, including wellbeing specialists, managers and staff.

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Mental Health First Aid Course Plan

In 4 hours of ACE Mental Health First Aid Training, we will cover:

+ Techniques for self care.

+ The basic psychology and neuroscience of mental health.

+ Common mental illnesses and symptoms.

+ Ask – how to engage people on the topic of mental health.

+ Care – how to provide immediate support.

+ Escort – how to signpost that person to professional support.

+ Legal safeguards for Mental Health First Aiders.

This provides a comprehensive approach to help mental health first aiders identify and help people suffering from mental health issues.

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How Long Does ACE Mental Health First Aid Training Take?

ACE Mental Health First Aid training only takes 4 hours.

Why is to different to the 2 day and 3 day courses?

Research shows that 2 day mental health first aid training tends to give a few people lots of detail about mental illness, but that detailed knowledge does little to help the colleagues who are actually suffering and the colleagues with potential mental illnesses or issues who really need support.

By focusing on the key objectives, which are to identify, engage and signpost colleagues who are in need, the training can be reduced to 4 hours.

This means that it is easier and cheaper for you to train more colleagues, so that they can help even more colleagues.

By training managers as Mental Health First Aiders, you can establish a powerful support network that is integrated into the day-to-day operations of the organisation.

You can train your organisation to be better protected from mental health issues.

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Our Training Workshops

Our ACE Mental Health First Aid ACE training workshops are:

+ Developed and delivered by qualified mental health experts.

+ CPD certified by an external accreditation body.

+ Run by experienced corporate trainers and coaches.

+ Structured as interactive workshops and built for a range of learning styles.

+ Responsive to questions, concerns or issues that attendees may be facing in their organisation or in their personal life.

We provide attendees with the knowledge and confidence they need to support their organisation and colleagues in difficult times.

The Benefits of ACE Mental Health First Aid Training

By establishing a network of ACE Mental Health First Aiders across your organisation, you can:

+ Reduce the stigma relating to mental illness, and that can prevent people from seeking help.

+ Create a more open environment, where mental health and wellbeing can be openly discussed.

+ Remove the fear of being uncertain about what to say to a person struggling with their mental health.

+ Engage colleagues with professional support at an earlier stage, when it is easier and quicker to help that person recover.

+ Reduce the risk of serious mental health issues remaining, undetected within the organisation.

+ Improve the organisations compliance with health and safety laws.

+ Reduce absence due to mental health issues, as they can be actively supported.

+ Reduce staff turnover, from staff who leave the organisation because they did not know how to get support.

+ Increase performance, productivity and profitability.

You will also be helping colleagues to improve their wellbeing, so they can think better, feel better and do better, in their own lives.

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