Mental Health Framework

Managing Mental Health Control Framework

What is the Managing Mental Health Controls Framework?

The MMH Controls Framework is a carefully structured set of management and operational controls, which can help organisations to appropriately and effectively support colleagues’ mental health and wellbeing.

The framework includes a range of reusable templates and tools, that are practical and easy for organisations to implement.

The MMH Controls Framework easily helps managers to implement a mature approach to managing mental health across the organisation.

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How Can The MMH Framework Help?

The MMH Controls Framework helps organisations to answer:

  1. What is the organisations’ leaders approach to managing mental health and safety?
  2. How does that approach align with the business strategy?
  3. Who is involved in managing mental health?
  4. What are those people expected to be doing?
  5. Does the organisation understand the mental health risks?
  6. Are the right controls being used, to mitigate those risks?
  7. Does everyone in the organisation know what they are supposed to be doing to manage mental health?
  8. What is being done to make sure the approach is working and that the approach is right for the organisation?

Implementing the Managing Mental Health Controls Framework can help you answer all these questions and more.

Mapping to the BS ISO 45003
Psychological Health and Safety at Work

BS45003 and ISO45003 are international standards for psychological health and safety at work, and managing psychosocial risk.

BS and ICO have a range of standards, including the 9001 quality standard, the 45003 health and safety standard, and the 27001 security standard.

The MMH Framework has been mapped to 45003, to support organisations that align or certify with the BS or ISO standards.

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To help you organisation deploy the Managing Mental Health Controls Framework, we offer a range of services to help, including MMH official training, certification and support.

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