Mental Health Management
For Organisations

Mental Health Management for Organisations

We can provide you with a controls framework, training, certification and operational support to help the people you work with manage their mental health.

Why is Managing Mental Health Important for Organisations?

When people have better mental health, they do better and contribute more.

Organisations that take action to manage mental health find that:

  1. Colleagues are more productive.
  2. Colleagues are more creative.
  3. Colleagues take less sick leave.
  4. Colleagues add more value.
  5. Colleagues treat colleagues better.
  6. Colleagues treat customers better.
  7. Colleagues are more positive about the organisation.
  8. Colleagues have a better quality of life.

If people are important to the success of your organisation, then managing mental is important to your organisation.

How Can Organisations Manage Mental Health?

Life becomes easier with the right approach.

The MMH Framework provides an easy and effective approach for organisations to manage mental health.

The MMH Framework provides a clear and comprehensive structure, that considers the essential controls required to help your colleagues.

For implementing the MMH Framework within your organisation, we offer MMH Training, MMH Certification and MMH Support services.

Managing Mental Health becomes easier with the MMH Framework.

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