The Impact of Trauma on Mental Health Workshop – Dorking Mindfest 2022

Our founder, Keith Dewey, is delighted to be speaking at Dorking Mindfest, 9th October 2022, in Surrey.

The topic of the workshop we’ll be about the impact of trauma on mental health.

We often think of trauma and PTSD as a sudden incident, related to shell shock from the second world war.

Trauma may be caused by sudden instances, such as attacks, accidents, explosions, and more.

But trauma can also be caused by less obvious instances, that may happen over a long time.

This is sometimes know as “little t trauma”, but that impact can be as significant.

Trauma can affect the “emotional memory”, which the brain holds separately from more rational fact and event memories.

Emotional memories can be closely linked to the “Autonomous Nervous System” (ANS), with it’s fight / flight / freeze response.

We will be discussing how those emotional memories can trigger a wide range of chemical, electrical and hormonal changes over time, with symptoms that range from anxiety to fibromyalgia.

Visit the Dorking Minds website to book today.

Spaces are limited.

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