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The government have commitment (4/8/22) to funding of £262,500 per year, for three years, for the Student Minds mental healthy charity, to extend the provision of Student Space for students. Funding comes form the Office for Students and the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales.

In June 2022, the government announced up to £3m to “close the gaps between university and NHS services” over 12 months, to improve access to mental health services. Some people have asked why it costs an extra £3m for universities to tell students how to access NHS services, and raised concern that NHS services are not doing well at helping people with mental health issues anyway.

Back in 5th February 2021, Student Minds commented that a £50m student hardship fund was “a start, but not nearly enough”, as it represented roughly £25 per head.

So, this new funding is relatively small, given reports that 1 in 5 children are suffering with probably mental health problems.

Student Minds also supports the University Mental Health Charter, which has developed a framework for mental health in higher enducation for staff and students that has been cross referenced with the Managing Mental Health Framework that organisations can be certified for.

What is Student Minds?

Student Minds calls themselve the UK’s student mental health charity.

Student Minds work to empower students and members of the university community to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to look after their own mental health, support others and create change. They train students and staff in universities across the UK to deliver student-led peer support interventions as well as research-driven workshops and campaigns. By working collaboratively across sectors, they share best practice and ensure that student voices influence decisions about student mental health. ​​

What is Student Space?

Student Space is run by Student Minds, the UK’s student mental health charity. The programme is funded by the Office for Students and Higher Education Funding Council for Wales. Student Space is available to all higher education students across England and Wales.

Student Space helps students in three areas:

  1. Access to dedicated support services for students
  2. Information and advice to help students through the challenges of coronavirus
  3. Helping students to find what support is available at their university

The support provided by Student Space is designed to be safe, confidential and free.

It has been developed collaboratively with services, higher education professionals, researchers and students to complement the existing services available to students.

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