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Our Training for Wellbeing Leaders provides a comprehensive approach to managing mental health and wellbeing across your organisation.

From assessing the risks that your organisation faces to monitoring the performance of your psychosocial interventions.

You can learn how to deliver an effective wellbeing strategy with controls to help boost performance, productivity, profitability and health in your organisation.

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Standard Agenda for Wellbeing Leaders Training Course

Our 2 day training for Wellbeing Leaders includes:

+ Self Care

+ The basic psychology and neuroscience of mental health.

+ Common mental illnesses and symptoms.

+ ACE Mental Health First Aid

+ Legal safeguards for Mental Health First Aiders.

+ Understanding the legal and operational risks

+ Industry standards (including ISO 45003) and governance frameworks for psychosocial health and safety.

+ Common primary, secondary and tertiary controls and interventions for the workplace.

+ Monitoring the performance of your wellbeing strategy.

Benefits of Effective Mental Wellbeing Health and Safety

The UK’s Health and Safety Executive have highlight the important of formal governance for mental health and safety.

Research suggest that a significant proportion of employees are struggling with stress or mental health issues at any one time.

Improving mental wellbeing of colleagues can help by:

+ Reducing staff abscence.

+ Reducing staff turnover, including the recently termed “quiet quitters”.

+ Improving performance.

+ Improving productivity.

+ Improving profitability.

As part of your wellbeing programme, we always recommend adopting a range of controls to monitor current status and improvements, so there is clear visibility of the benefits to your organisation.

Our Training Workshops

Our ACE Mental Health First Aid ACE training workshops are:

+ Developed and delivered by qualified mental health experts.

+ CPD certified by an external accreditation body.

+ Run by experienced corporate trainers and coaches.

+ Structured as interactive workshops and built for a range of learning styles.

+ Responsive to questions, concerns or issues that attendees may be facing in their organisation or in their personal life.

We provide attendees with the knowledge and confidence they need to support their organisation and colleagues in difficult times.

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