Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2022

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Survey 2022

The winner’s of Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2022 survey, by Vitality Health Insurance have been released!

The survey is produced in partnership with Aon, RAND Europe, University of Cambridge and the Financial Times.

The survey gained feedback from 8,500 employees from 65 organisations. So there’s lots more companies who could join the next survey!

Findings of the 2022 Healthiest Workplace Survey

The 2022 Healthiest Workplace Survey by Vitality identified:

  1. Productivity per employee has been dropping since 2014, now representing a loss of 51 productive work days (20.2%) per employee, per year. This was worse with younger and low income workers.
  2. Hybrid workers had the lowest loss of productivity, are more active and have better diets. 74% got at least 7 hours sleep and 68% said they had a good work-life balance.
  3. Companies, on average, offer 45 different health interventions, and 85% of employees found benefit when they used them, however only 61% knew about them.

The Most Healthy Small Sized Businesses

For companies with 20 to 249 staff:

  1. OpenCredo Limited, the software development consultancy –
  2. Blue Motor Finance, the car financing company –
  3. Phoenix Natural Gas, the energy company –

The Most Healthy Medium Sized Businesses

For companies with 250 to 999 staff:

  1. Novo Nordisk Limited, the Danish multinational pharmaceutical company –
  2. Program Planning Professionals Ltd (trading as MI-GSO | PCUBED), the project management consultancy –
  3. CLS Group, the foreign exchange company –

The Most Healthy Large Sized Businesses

For companies with 1000 or more staff.

  1. Nomura, the global financial services firm –
  2. Arqiva, the British Telecommunications company –
  3. Derbyshire Community Health Services (DCHS NHS Trust), the community health trust –

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